Lab Notebook

During the course you will work in groups of 3 persons. Each group keep a lab notebook, diary or log of the work they have done during the lab sessions. For each activity the lab notebook should contain an entry with the following heading and informations:
Duration of activity:
Group members participating:

Furthermore, each activity should be described by:
  • a goal (or goals) for this activity, maybe with a list of subgoals,
  • a plan for the activity including a description of methods that lead to fulfillment of the goal(s),
  • results obtained including descriptions of
    • experiments together with a description that other groups can use to reproduce your experiments,
    • programming attemts with program segments and links to programs,
    • output from programs,
    • measurements,
    • pictures of LEGO models,
    • problems encountered.
  • a conclusion with a status and suggestions for what to do next.
  • references to papers, web pages or copied material.

Figure X Include pictures of your
experimental setups or LEGO models.

The lab notebook from each lab session are handed in each week (before the next week's labsession) in order to fulfill the compulsory programme of the course.

At the end of the course each group do an end course project. Your grade for the course will be based on your lab notebook for the end course project and the oral presentation at the end of the course.

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